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Kingdom Warriors are deeply grieved by the following. Several Ministries, concerned people and friends have approached Kingdom Warriors about disturbing accusations that have been made and some even posted on Facebook.

It troubles us to think someone in our Community has been making several false accusations about Kingdom Warriors. It has been our goal to help everyone with everything we have. God has blessed us to love, feed, clothe and cut hair for the under resourced, homeless and needy. We make no exceptions, everyone is welcome. Most recently, someone posted pictures on Facebook of canned goods thrown on the ground by one of the dumpsters people use behind the Shopping Center where the Kingdom Warriors Center is located. They went on to post, "There isn't enough explanation possible to ever make me understand why a local organization does this!!!!" Well, we agree! There have been thousands and thousands of free food boxes handed out by organizations over the past months. People take the boxes, pick out what they want then dispose of the rest. This is wasteful but a reality. Some of the recipients don't even have a way to open or cook canned goods. It's quite possible this is the case of the canned goods found by the dumpster.​

We want to make sure EVERYONE understands, Kingdom Warriors did not throw away any canned goods much less toss them on the ground. We are part of keeping our community clean. Our doors are open to the local under resourced families and ministries to pick from our collection of canned goods. other food and non food items in our center at no charge.

An earlier accusation of throwing away "good clothing" was also spread to other ministries by the same person. We were given several jackets that had heavy printing in huge letters on them. We took them downtown to hand out. No one would take them because they had the name of the Cincinnati Correctional Institution (CCI) on them in huge bold letters. After bringing them back to the center we sent 2 of them to have the stenciling removed by solvents, 1 jacket to have the letters mechanically sanded off and 1 jacket to have the letters painted over. The solvents didn't work, the sanding didn't work and the letters were so heavily printed the paint showed through. Next we offered them to several other ministries with no luck. After much effort, consulting and expense we disposed of the jackets. We also receive items that are dirty or in such bad shape that people cannot use them so they are disposed of for obvious reasons.

Again, we do not understand why someone would want to try to spread hatred toward a ministry that spends thousands of dollars and thousands of man hours helping others. We have a limited number of volunteers and no paid staff struggling to do what we do. Many of our volunteers invest their own time and money toward the mission of helping others.

We forgive our accuser and encourage to personally feel welcome to address any future concerns in an effort to get all the facts before making statements that are not true. Our door is open and God is always our advocate.

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